Electric & Dual Fuel

Dual fuel cookers combine the even and fast cooking ability of the electric oven with the instant heat of a gas hob into one appliance. These dual fuel ovens feature fans to make sure heat is evenly dispersed.

The benefit with P & S Gas Safe Engineers is that all of our Gas Safe Engineers are qualified in both trades, so your dual fuel appliance installation can be completed in one visit. This will save you both time and money.

Our engineers are fully qualified (in both electric and gas) to fit dual fuel appliances. We also provide fully trained electricians (City & Guilds 17th edition 2382) to cover all your dual fuel and electric appliances. With many modern cooking appliances have both gas and electric elements to them. In most cases modern cooking appliances have a gas top and electric fan assisted oven.

There are many considerations when using dual fuel appliances so please refer to FAQS for further information.

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